assholes from quebec

I like Canada. What stinky liberal doesn't? But what I saw recently on the Daily Show has left me absolutely fucking shocked.

Seems there are some assholes in Quebec that are still using fucking asbestos in their buildings. Asbestos; otherwise known as "cancer dust," or "satan's cocaine." Why are they still using this shit? Because it's soooo fucking cheap! Oh, and the fucking town is called "Asbestos." Fuck me running.

Take a watch:


  1. This shouldn't happen, it's just not safe. Although I think i have asbestos in my ceiling

  2. Some people just are stupid, can't do anything for them. "satan's cocaine" made me laugh though :D

  3. Lol "satan's cocaine" I really like your rants so far.

  4. Only a matter of time before these people start calling those late-night infomercials for lawyers who represent Mesothelioma patients.